Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unity Connection-CUCME Labs: Wrap Up

After some thoughtful consideration, I am going to end any further development of the Unity Connection-CUCME Labs. When I initially launched my study CCIE Voice study efforts in July of 2008, my intention was to drill deep on each component of the lab. However, I've reached the conclusion that while this approach was worthwhile, it was also a tedious and time-consuming process. At the rate I am moving and studying, around normal work responsibilities and daily life, I would be sitting for the lab sometime in 2011! LOL

Instead, I am going to plow ahead with developing more “comprehensive” lab incorporating all technologies. The upside is I hope to accelerate the study process and aim to sit for the lab sometime in late spring / early summer 2010. The possible downside would be failing to delve deep enough to anticipate everything that could be thrown at me.

Look for a new series of postings shortly!

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