Monday, August 31, 2009

Unity Connection-CUCME Lab 7 – Baltimore CUE

This lab will revisit setting up CUE in Baltimore for eventual integration with Unity Connection via VPIM. It will be very similar to CUCME-CUE Lab 8.

Unity Connection Lab 7.1 – Baltimore CUE Tasks

1. Configure the Baltimore CUCME router to interface with CUE, using IP address

2. Use extension 1999 as the voicemail pilot.

3, Use 8000 and 8001 for MWI.

4. Create voicemail users and mailboxes via the CUE CLI.

5. Mailboxes should be limited in size to accommodate up to 50 users on a AIM-CUE.

6. Make sure that messages can be forward via either dial by name or by extension.

7. Provision the system for GUI access.

Unity Connection Lab 7.2 – Baltimore CUE Verification

Since the tasks here are almost identical to CUCME-CUE Lab 8, please refer to that previous post for help on answers. Note, the Baltimore dial plan for Arliss Michaels and Cal Ripken is slightly different, refer to Unity Connection-CUCME Scenario Background.

Unity Connection Lab 7.3 – Baltimore CUE Wrap-up

The original intention for this lab was to stage Baltimore and then integrate with Unity Connection via VPIM. However, after some thought, I am not sure this is applicable for the CCIE Voice Lab. During the CCIE Voice Techtorial and Cisco Live 2009, the present suggested that the CCIE Voice lab would not have a DNS server. Based on some initial research for VPIM integration, DNS is a requirement. Therefore, one could infer that VPIM would not be tested in the Voice Lab.

That said, I will spend some time pretesting VPIM integration between Baltimore CUE and Unity Connection. If this testing consumes too much time and integration with DNS, I may abort and move on to some other items.

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