Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCIE Voice Lab 1.1 – LAN, WAN, and IP Services

The purpose of CCIE Voice Lab 1.1 is to configure the LAN, WAN and IP Services that will provide the foundation for the entire series of labs. Refer to the CCIE Voice Lab 1 Scenario Background post for a diagram and IP addressing information.

CCIE Voice Lab 1.1 Tasks
Perform the following tasks for CCIE Voice Lab 1.1:

1. Configure LAN and WAN based on the information provided in CCIE Voice Lab 1 Scenario Background.

2. Configure the WAN / Frame Relay as point to point links. On the WAN router, set the clockrate to 128000.

3. Configure OSPF as the routing protocol. The WAN should be area 0; New York LAN subnets area 1; Los Angeles LAN subnets area 2; London LAN subnets area 3.

4. Configure the Frame Relay router as an NTP server and synchronize each router with it. Set the time zones as appropriate.

5. Set up DHCP services for the Voice and Data VLANs. The TFTP server for New York and Los Angeles should point to the UC Manager server in NY. The TFTP server address for London should point to itself using the Voice VLAN IP address (VLAN 32). Exclude the first /28 block from each DHCP scope.

6. Configure switch ports for IP phones.

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