Friday, May 22, 2009

Unity Connection-CUCME Scenario Background

Ballplayers, Inc. is a sports marketing firm with locations in New York City, NY and Baltimore, MD. The firm represents both current and retired athletes and their associated marketing ventures. After successfully pilot Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express between New York and Baltimore, the firm’s CIO Fuzzy Dunlop has given you the go ahead to expand the pilot. This new phase will add Los Angeles as third CUCME location. Finally, CUE will be replace with a centralized Cisco Unity Connection integrated messaging solution.

Below is a high-level design of the Cisco Unity Connection Pilot.

The table below describes the IP Adressing & PSTN configuration.

The first Lab will walk through the requirements to configure the routing between Baltimore, New York, and Los Angeles.


Devanampriyan said...

i hve scheduled the lab for dec..
the unity connection install went smooth for you?? i am keep getting a "install error during database setup" and the install halts.. if you get any clue about this problem..i am using vmware ws6.5 on 64bit ubuntu. please drop me an email :

thanks a lot, and best of luck for the 2nd number ;)

Mark G. Reyero said...


I am only familiar with installing Unity Connection on VMWare ESW Server 3.5. I would suggest taking a look at that post and modify as appropriate for VMWare Workstation.

Good luck!