Friday, May 29, 2009

Unity Connection-CUCME Lab 2 – CUCME Setup

Lab 2 will focus on setting up CUCME for Unity Connection. Since CUCME was covered in depth in the CUCME-CUE Labs, and the focus of these labs is Unity Connection, I will keep the CUCME side basic. Advanced CUCME calling feature will be kept to a minimum.

Unity Connection-CUCME System Setup Prerequisites

Prior to configuring the CUCME phone tasks, the router requires the specific CUCME files to be installed on the router flash. These labs will be based on CME 7.1 and IOS 12.4(22)YB1.

If this task hasn’t been previously completed, now is the time to so. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this prerequisite. The processes and procedures for installing the CUCME files on the router flash are described in the Installing and Upgrading Cisco Unified CME Software chapter of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide. A further discussion is covered in CUCME-CUE Lab 2 – Baltimore Basic CUCME System Setup and CUCME-CUE Lab 3 – New York Basic CUCME System Setup.

Lab 2.1 – Unity Connection-CUCME Setup Tasks

1. Configure CUCME on the Baltimore, Los Angeles, and New York routers based on the information provided in Unity Connection-CUCME Scenario Background. You may not use the CUCME setup utility or any sort of auto registration process.

2. Baltimore phones should be SCCP; Los Angeles and New York phones should be SIP Phones.

3. Each phone and should also be able to customize their ringtones beyond the default chirp ringtone.

4. Each user’s phone should also display his/her name and full E.164 number.

5. Each CUCME router should be configure to support the appropriate localization, time-zone, a 12 hour time format, and a Month-Day-Year format.

6. Enable the wideband codec by default for all phones.

7. Create an appropriate E.164 dial-pattern.

8. Configure VOIP between all three locations. Ensure that the default VOIP codec is the wideband codec.

9. Transfer between all locations should be supported.

10. Configure the PRI at each location to support only 4 channels (to conserve DSP resources).

11. In the event of a WAN failure, calls should use the PSTN, but without users having to dial more than four digits. Use only a single dial-peer with a single translation rule to accomplish this task. You may not use a prefix.

12. Enable transcoding to support G.711, G.722, and G.729.

13. Enable Conferencing and Transcoding resources for all three locations.

14. Provide an audible alert when someone joins or leaves a conference. The alerts should be different for joining and leaving.

15. Baltimore should support eight attendees at the conference bridge. Baltimore should support both Ad-hoc and Meet-Me conferencing.

16. Enable Music on Hold for both internal and external callers.

17. Create the appropriate GUI Administrator parameters.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get a copy of Unity Express for my CUCME Cisco 1760 Router. I'm 16 and im taking the CCNA I need to know where I can get a free copy. E-mail.

Mark G. Reyero said...

Unity Express runs on either a network module or AIM card, neither which are supported on a 1760. Check out for more information. Good luck!

Frankco Vending said...

Thank You.

Frankco Vending said...

Hello Mr. Reyero. I have a question to ask more like a favor. Last time I talked to you I was studying to take the CCNA. I never took it cause I am planning on taking possible a cert that is associated with voice, it is undecided especially since I don't have much money to spend for tests. Anyways, I have come to ask you a question. I have a Cisco Call Manager 4.0, I am running cme-full- as my gui and phone loads etc. Well anyways, My cme-full- file that I had loaded on the router a year ago was missing files and it came that way when I bought it off ebay (bad place to go sometimes i learned). Well anyways, I googled around a bit and asked around to see if anyone has or has access to cme-full- and no one does. I need to know if you are able to get that file for me or if you have it please. if you are able to fulfill this request for me please email the file or a link to the file to

I changed my email cause of spam.

Thank you very much.

Mark G. Reyero said...

Frank, thanks for the note. However, I am unable to provide you with the file you requested, as this would violate my company's reseller agreement with Cisco. I hope you understand and good luck!