Monday, September 20, 2010

Cisco and Citrix Team up on the Desktop

This was a very interesting announcement which caught my attention a few weeks ago. It appears the Cisco and Citrix have teamed up to develop joint desktop virtualization solutions using Citrix XenDesktop and the Cisco USC Server Platform. I think a Citrix blog on the announcement hits the nail on the head perfect:

“Cisco has an amazing history of catching market trends right before they take off. Let's take a quick look at their track record:

1. From connectivity to communications - Cisco caught the voice transition as it went from analog to IP
2. From communications to collaboration - Cisco then capitalized on unified communications as the voice market transitioned
3. From collaboration to telepresence - Arguably its new hallmark, Cisco is now the king of video and high-def conferencing”

Coincidentally, many of my customers are asking more and more about multi-vendor OEM VDI solutions over platforms such as the iPad and Android. WWT’s Datacenter Practice is also developing various VDI solutions over both client platforms. For me, this is an exciting and promising announcement!

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